Our Prospectus

The educational philosophy of 98╠├app is presented in our Vision and Values. It is the point of departure from which all policy and practice flow. These documents proclaim what the College seeks to be and seeks to do for its students. Of course, schools everywhere lay claim to very similar things. Often, there is much in common in what we seek to do, but there may be great variation in the way we go about it. Words can only express in part what that difference is. The rest, we believe, must be felt, sensed and lived.

98╠├app is a distinctive school. It has a particular character that visitors frequently comment upon. It is something palpable, experienced as part of our daily life together, but difficult to define. It is best described, perhaps, as spiritedness, a verve which we expect our students to learn, not as something which is taught so much as caught. At Oxley, we believe that education should prepare young people for the life ahead of them, and that means encouraging them to take on the challenge of being human to the best and fullest extent of their ability.

We hope that you will contact us to book a visit to the College to discover what is distinctively Oxley, how our students think, dare, and dream, and why they and their families choose to do it here.

Please contact our Registrar, Mrs Lucy Welsh, via (02) 4861 1366 or enrol@oxley.nsw.edu.au to discuss enrolment, discover more about the College and book a tour.